Telemetry data


The term telemetry refers to the collection of certain usage data to help improve the quality of a piece of software. Lost Pixel uses telemetry in one and single scenario:

  • collecting usage data of the action

This page describes the overall telemetry approach for Lost Pixel, what kind of data is collected and how to opt-out of data collection.

Why does Lost Pixel collect metrics?

Telemetry helps us better understand how many users are using our product, how often they are using our product and which mode is the most popular among usages. Our telemetry implementation is intentionally limited in scope:

  • We use telemetry to answer one question: how many monthly active developers are using lost-pixel

When is data collected?

Data is collected whenever Lost Pixel engine is ran.

Usage data

Invocations of the **lost-pixel** action results in data being sent to our event collection tool. Note that:

  • The data does NOT include your images, repository name, organisation or anything that identifies you

Here is an overview of the data that's being submitted:

Opt out

You can opt-out of this behavior by setting the **LOST_PIXEL_DISABLE_TELEMETRY** environment variable to 1, e.g.:


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