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Lost Pixel Platform & Lost Pixel(OSS)

Lost Pixel Platform | Lost Pixel(OSS) - how to choose?

Lost Pixel Engine is the OSS part of Lost Pixel, and Lost Pixel Platform is the cloud testing offering. We use our OSS engine to power our platform. Our mission is to democratise Visual Regression Testing and allow more people to use it in a way top companies are having their VRT setups - absolutely for free.

Lost Pixel Platform is a way to supercharge your visual testing workflow & make it leaner, quicker & more pleasant to work with. Here are the main differences between our two core offerings:

Lost Pixel(OSS)

  • tiny team

  • little collaboration needs

  • no need for speed

  • surface review process

  • no monorepo support

  • no collaborative integrations(comments, notifications)

Lost Pixel Platform

  • mid-sized/large team

  • high collaboration needs

  • speed of execution

  • review & maintenance workflow trusted by top teams

  • monorepo support

  • collaborative integrations(comments, notifications)

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