Updating baseline images

The Open Source edition of Lost Pixel aims to give you building blocks for creating your visual regression testing pipelines with some limitations.

In the open-source edition of Lost Pixel, the updates of baselines is something that engineers need to take care of. If you have failed visual regression tests ❌ with an intended change in the visual appearance of your components/pages according to the visual regression testing workflow you need to update the baseline to reflect the intended change. After the code modifications, you will need to run the Lost Pixel update and commit new baselines to the git repository:

  • You need to update the baselines on intended changes manually

  • RECOMMENDED local flow: You can run the baseline update locally with npx lost-pixel docker update. This will ensure that there are no operating system-related differences and will update your baselines.

  • RECOMMENDED CI flow: Lost Pixel provides a useful recipe to create automatic PR with updated baselines in case of visual regression

  • GitHub split view is your most straightforward way of comparing the before/after images.

You can use Lost Pixel Platform to reduce the complexity of your testing workflow & drastically increase the speed and turnaround of the baseline updates.

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